teilHard de chardin CENTRE

To complement their respective programmes, the 5 IPSL institutions created, 10 years ago, a series of joint courses devoted to broadening students' general cultural knowledge and critical thinking skills. These courses are offered within the framework of the Teilhard de Chardin Centre.

The Teilhard de Chardin Centre course series has several objectives:

Expanding students' general knowledge by introducing them to subjects outside the framework of their respective programmes of study: philosophy; sociology; anthropology; history of religions, civilisations, sciences, art and so on.

Encouraging students to think for themselves, and develop their ability to think critically about, the concepts and phenomena studied: debates, exchanges of ideas, etc.

Stimulatingpersonal and interpersonal growth and openness to other cultures.

Enablingstudents from diverse academic backgrounds to come together in the same learning environment: to interact, share ideas, get to know each other better, explore fundamental questions together.

Nurturing a search for meaning andspiritual awareness. Helping students to form their own values and guidelines.

The Teilhard de Chardin Centre offers a unique forum for reflection and exchange, allowing students to acquire a framework of knowledge and ideas within which to reflect upon the human condition and the world.