Founded in 1991 and located in the heart of the Val d'Oise region, in the "new town" of Cergy-Pontoise, IPSL is a private institute of scientific higher education and research. It comprises 3 Grandes Ecoles (ECAM-EPMI, EPSS, ILEPS ) specialising in science and technology and in the human and social sciences.

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A MULTIDISCIPLINARY APPROACH : 300 faculty members and research fellows and 2,800 students are involved in academic and training programmes in the following disciplines: biology, international agro-development, industrial and electrical engineering, information technology, multimedia and telecommunications, sports professions and sports management, and social services. The multidisciplinary nature of the programmes offered fosters creativity and educational exchanges between the different institutions.

Students enrolled in one of the IPSL institutions can take advantage of shared and joint courses and other inter-institutional exchanges: o The Teilhard de Chardin course series, developed 11 years ago, and fully integrated into the curricula of the different institutions, is devoted to broadening students' general cultural knowledge and critical thinking skills. o The courses offered within the framework of the Pascal Programme since 2006 provide students at the engineering institutions with an opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills by studying new subjects or new technical applications at another IPSL institution. o The different institutions enjoy multilateral collaborations and a growing number of exchanges between faculty members and research fellows. 

AN EDUCATIONAL MISSION: The IPSL institutions all have the same educational priorities.

- Close, personalised supervision, tutoring and teaching o Small student bodies and class sizes o A "hands-on", research-oriented approach to learning o Course offerings designed to train students to take up the challenges of tomorrow's world;
- Encouraging the development of students as well-rounded individuals, sensitive to humanist values ;
- Maintaining very strong links with the professional world and developing close working relationships with corporate partners, thereby ensuring the active participation of professionals in academic activities (guest lecturing and course teaching)

- Providing individualised guidance and supervision for students' personal and professional projects, and for students on work placements and work-based learning schemes.

AN INTERNATIONAL DIMENSION : The IPSL institutions are committed to the continued development of their international relations and activities. Several types of opportunities exist: having exchanges with other institutions of higher education (Australia, Canada, China, Great Britain, the Netherlands, the U.S.A., etc.), implementing dual degree programmes, hosting foreign students, joining programmes providing mobility grants, and carrying out work placements and research missions abroad. Within this framework, certain IPSL institutions have set up numerous partnerships with various universites : Cranfield (GB), Porto (Portugal), Kunamoto (Japan), Lausitz (Germany), Stockholm (Sweden), and so on.