A Modern Infrastructure

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The institutions that are part of IPSL have a certain number of Shared Services at their disposal.

The Institute has two main locations in Cergy-Pontoise: the Montalants site and the Port site. In addition to the space made available to each institution for its own use (administrative offices, laboratories and other specific areas), IPSL disposes of a certain amount of pooled space available for use by all the institutions: 15 lecture halls with a seating capacity of 100-165 each and 120 classrooms (for lecture and seminar classes).

The IPSL also disposes of a 500-seat auditorium equipped with a control room. All the IPSL facilities are fitted out with modern, interactive equipment making possible the use of the latest audio-visual techniques for teaching purposes.

The IPSL is responsible for the management, upkeep and maintenance of these facilities, as well as for ensuring that they meet safety standards. All the IPSL pooled spaces can be made available to companies for conferences, conventions, symposiums, general assemblies, or performances.


Daily food service … The campus canteen and restaurant, "The cafeteria", provides daily self-service hot lunches for the IPSL administrative and teaching staff and other occupants of the premises. "The Faculty" also has a restaurant area where table service is provided.

Also available on the two sites are two cafeterias serving fast-food meals from 11.30 to 14.00, and several vending machines for hot and cold drinks.

"L'Espace Saint-Louis" – The Saint-Louis Centre The Espace Saint-Louis, situated on the IPSL campus and disposing of an auditorium and a large reception area, offers an ideal venue, in the heart of the Val d'Oise region, for conferences, conventions, symposiums, general assemblies and performances (music, dance, theatre), etc. The Espace Saint-Louis comprises:

  • 200 m2 of reception area
  • 496 seats (cinema layout)
  • Air conditioning and soundproofing
  • a public address system (Yamaha DM1000 digital console and JBL diffuser)
  • a video projector
  • a 250 square-metre stage (wooden floor)
  • a state-of-the-art central control room
  • 4 dressing rooms (9-20 m² each)

The students take advantage of these up to date facilities for:

  • Events hosted by their institutions or IPSL
  • Numerous events organised by the students themselves: dance, theatre, and concert performances, conferences, and so on.

The Espace Saint-Louis auditorium is available for use by any outside organisation (company, association, institution, etc.) as a venue for their events.

Telephone contact for information and reservations: 01 30 75 60 09