• The résidence de la Croix Petit Verte, managed by the Association for IPSL Accommodation.
  • There are also numerous other accommodation possibilities in Cergy (approximately 3,498 residence hall places), enough to meet the needs and expectations of all the students.Several options exist:
  • The CROUS Residence Halls 145 bis, Boulevard de la Reine - BP 563 - 78005 VERSAILLESTel.: 08 92 25 10 10The CROUS is a public organisation devoted to facilitating and improving the living and working conditions of students enrolled in higher education institutions throughout
  • Paying guest rentals
  • Studio rentals
  • Flat sharing and house sharing
  • The Youth Information Centre CIJ Centre Information Jeunesse - 1, place des Arts in Cergy - Tel.: 01 34 41 67 67. In partnership with local government authorities, this Centre centralises accommodation offers in the private sector (paying guest rooms, rooms, studios, flat shares) ("logement" section)
  • Boutique Logement01 34 41 69 86 – Rented accommodation for multiple users available through independent organisations.