The Catholic Christian chaplaincy located on the IPSL campus welcomes all the students of the IPSL community, which has close links with the communities of the University, ESSEC, EISTI, ENSEA, IFSA and all the higher education institutions in the Cergy-Pontoise area. Each institution has its own activities but the different communities get together regularly for important events.
The Catholic Christian chaplaincy is :

• a PLACE TO COME TOGETHER that helps students get to know each other, as they mix with students from their own school and other institutions of higher education.

• a PLACE TO LEARN ABOUT RESPONSIBILITY AND SERVICE by taking initiatives. Each young person can contribute to and become integrated into the community by taking on a responsibility that contributes to serving others (events organisation, artistic activities, communication and so on).

• a PLACE OF ENCOUNTER with God and Jesus the Lord, and a place of prayer.

• a PLACE FOR EDUCATION, THEOLOGY, AND REFLECTION AT THE HEART OF STUDENT LIFE. Evening and weekend events are scheduled throughout the year.